Download Google Drive

Download Google Drive so you can enjoy a service that allows you to save files in the cloud. Up to 5GB capacity is free, so you can use it just by having an account in Gmail. You can use it both from the Internet, as well as an application for computers and phones.

How to download Google Drive

1. The first thing to do is to download it from the official site. Google will guide you to the Accept and Install button.
2. A new folder called Google Drive will be installed on your computer. If you created files using Google Docs, you’ll see them saved there; but it will be empty. This folder works like all others. All you have to do is drag and drop any file you want to store, or save it via the traditional way Save As.

Everything you save in the Google Drive folder will be stored in the cloud; that is, you can access from any other computer or mobile, using your Gmail username and password.

All you have to do is go to and you will see the link to Drive in the top bar of the search engine. If you want to do it from your mobile, remember that there is an application for Android. You can view, share and comment on all the photos, videos, applications and documents you save in Drive. You don’t need to carry a pendrive everywhere anymore.

Create and set up an account in Google Drive

To use Google Drive and start uploading your files you only have to have active a Google account, if you don’t have it you can create an account in Google. Once the account is listed in Google, you must follow the following steps to start using Google Drive.

Download Google Drive
Download Google Drive

1. Open the main Google page, and click on the Google Apps box. As the image indicates.
2. A series of applications will be displayed. You must click the google drive icon. As the image indicates.
3. You must log in by placing your Gmail email and password.
4. You now have access to the main Google Drive dashboard.


• After entering this service, you can upload any type of file into your account. Remember that the free storage limit is 15 GB. In addition to uploading files to Google Drive you can also create documents in the cloud. Such as text, spreadsheets, or presentations with google docs.

• Now you can access all your files from anywhere with an internet connection from your Google Drive account. Also it has the shared view with me that allows you to see the files and folders that other users have shared with you, starting with the most recent element.

• By sharing in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you can choose the visibility of files and folders, and decide what other users can do with them. When you share a file or folder with other users, you have the option to give them access to view or edit. As well as grant them an ownership of the file.

• While this does not apply to folders, you can also give them access to comment on files in order to get feedback from the users you share with. You can change this access setting at any time.

Download Google Drive

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