Login Google Drive without app

Googles Drive is one of the best applications of the moment. This is the Google cloud service and allows us to access our documents, photos or videos. From any device connected to the same Gmail account. Today we want to share all the information so you can learn how to login Google Drive without app.

How to login Google Drive without app

Google Drive is a Google tool that allows us to enjoy many options since it only doesn’t offers us storage in the cloud. We can create Google presentations as well as we had already told you. Even to create spreadsheets, documents or organize our photos. The only problem with Google Drive is that it is not too intuitive. So many users do not use it because they don’t understand how it works. Actually, once we learn, it’s very easy. But it’s totally normal that at first we’re a little lost.

Google Drive without app
Google Drive without app

From PC

  1. To start using it from our PC, we start Drive, where we will be shown an interface with the options and everything we have in our unit.
  1. On the left side of Drive, we find a button that says “New”. With this button we find the options to create folders, upload files, upload folder, and create a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation.
  1. In addition, if we enter “More” we will get the option to create a form, and much more.
  1. If you have ever asked how to upload files, you just have to do the same. Just like if you want to upload a folder. To create a document or presentation, the same, everything from New.

    Google Drive without app
    Google Drive without app


Another great feature is My Drive, which is where all of our folders and files that we have created or uploaded to Google Drive are stored. We will also have the options to quickly see what they have shared with us. Like recent documents, the highlighted content or access to the trash. Where everything will be deleted and we can finally delete forever from there.

It is a safe way to keep our files safe in the case of having removed something by mistake. On the other hand, we also have possibly the most interesting option: Google Photos. It is really important, especially now that our smartphones have the option of making the automatic backup directly there. So we can take our photos everywhere and easily access them from Drive. With Lollipop, it’s the only option we have, the Gallery disappears and we have Photos only to manage our images.

Although for a moment it may go unnoticed, the search engine in Drive is essential. Especially if we want to access a file at the moment. We will have the options to search for it by selecting the type of file, with what it is opened and the owner.

To work more comfortably with Drive, Google gives us the option to download directly from the configuration. As we’ll see in the next image. We also find the options to list a certain way, order or expand the information.